SymSpellCppPy Docs

This library is a high-speed Python port of SymSpell v6.5, developed in C++ utilizing pybind11.


SymSpellCppPy is an optimized adaptation of SymSpell, specifically designed for Python, re-engineered in C++ and interfaced using pybind11. This implementation offers significantly enhanced speed compared to its counterparts. When compared with symspellpy, a purely Python-based SymSpell port, SymSpellCppPy is generally 3x-40x faster, offering equivalent functionalities.

Detailed documentation on SymSpell’s usage and functionalities is available on the original GitHub repository:

For performance benchmarks, please refer to the library homepage on GitHub:


SymSpellCppPy is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip:

pip install –upgrade SymSpellCppPy

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